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Artificial Turf Football Field Installation Stages

Artificial turf football field installation stages consists of multiple stages. These stages of artificial grass installation work are briefly as follows;

  1. Ground leveling and marking
  2. Infrastructure floor smoothing work
  3. Installation of the drainage system (perforated pipe)
  4. Concrete wall construction
  5. Laying thick gravel on the floor (no 2-3)
  6. Laying thin crumb on the floor (no 1-2)
  7. Smoothing the surface of the gravel layer
  8. Shock pad or felt laying on gravel floor
  9. Floor laying of artificial turf rollers
  10. Adhesion of joints of artificial turf
  11. Creation of white lines for the football field
  12. Sand filling of synthetic turf floor
  13. Rubber granule filling of synthetic turf floor
  14. Installation of football goal poles and other accessories

Artificial grass installation work consists of various stages as described.

Synthetic Grass Installation Teams from Turkey

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