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Synthetic Grass Manufacturers Around the World: The Integral artificial turf carpet is a multi-purpose product, functions and items, and has gained confidence in its adoption as a product for the processing of sports facilities, its popularity is still increasing due to the modern technological means that are included in the installation of synthetic grass carpets, in addition to being available in different varieties and for various purposes, they are exported to all countries in the world of them (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hungary, Denmark, Hungary, Malaysia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Russia, Austria, ….), as well as the Middle East and Africa.

It has been used to serve professional football fields contruction, amateur courts, basketball and baseball courts, volleyball, rugby, where there are various types of divers that specialize in particular use.

The advantages of Integral synthetic turf attracted the attention of customers from all over the world because it is the only product that has such features and is available at competitive prices,it does not require soil repair and maintenance.

How it is made fake grass?

Fake grass carpets are made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other materials.

Before the artificial grass was harvested, it was tested and compared to natural grass,as a result of these tests, all the results are in favor of artificial grass in all aspects of features and cost.

Where the rain or large quantities of water, the artificial grass does not turn into a patch of mud, unlike natural grass, which is impossible to walk after the rain.

In addition to the plains of the installation process and thus save a lot of money on the customer.