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How Much does Putting Green Turf Cost?

How Much does Putting Green Turf Cost

Putting Green turf products are used in outdoor and generally for golf players. Putting Green grass has a lot of
options. It has different kind of heights, it can be installed on the levelled ground, on the curved
ground, on the pits or anwhere.

Putting Green Turf Cost

Artificial putting green turf cost differ according to the pile length. In addition, there is a price difference in the yarn type. Please ask for an offer for golf putting green prices. We are artificial grass manufacturers from Turkey.

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Putting Green Turf Use Areas

Green turfs are used different purposes and it is mostly preferred by amateur and Professional golf clubs. You can use it at Your garden to turn into a playing grounds for kids or a golf training area. Putting greens also can be used in the offices or in balconies of the home. It has a lot of fields to be used .

International standards: Putting green turfs are tested according to international standards and does not contain any harmful substances inside.

Putting Green Turf Installation

Installing putting green turf on the surface is not a difficult job to a golf curse. It can be made easily. You can also get advise from the seller. Putting green turfs can be converted to different shapes. You can cut it as You want with a help of a scissor very easily.

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