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Which is the best artificial grass for football?

Which is the best artificial grass for football

Artificial grass has a lot of different types. It can be made in different colours such as green, blue, red, white or blue.

Synthetic turf is the best product to make anywhere green. If You want to cover anywhere by green artificial grass is the best product.

Which is the Best Yarn for Artificial Grass?

Monofilament synthetic yarn is very popular in use of football fields. It is usually weaved in two types of green colour. Light green and dark green or it is mixed during the weaving. It can be also weaved two meters in light green and two meters in dark green. It is generally used to make off side line clear for refrees during the football game.

Nowadays monofilament thread is the best artificial grass for football pitches. These grasses are generally 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60 mm for football use. In order to have the best performance in the field special football shoes must be weared during the game. The best artificial grass carpets are made by European countries and Turkey in the World.

Best price/performance ratio of the artificial turf produced by Integral in Turkey

In order to have a best grass carpet the threads of the grass must be good as well and due to this reason PE threads must be choosen by manufacturer of artificial grass carpets.

Other Factors

Of course there are some other factors which are affecting on the quality of the artificial grasses which are sbr granules which are infilled after spreading on the field, polyester tape, special glue, geotextile and drainage channels.

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