Tennis Courts

Most Preferred Tennis Artificial Turf Models in UAE

Most Preferred Tennis Artificial Turf Models in UAE

There are a lot of different kinds of artificial grass for sport facilities. There is artificial grass for soccer, artificial grass for tennis courts, artificial grass for multi use game areas, artificial grass for indoor and outdoor facilities.

What Kind of Turf?

Artificial grass for tennis courts and multi purposes must be short in order to have a good ball jumping. If the pile height of the grass is very high the ball will not jump well. In UAE tennis courts are made of artificial grass or acrylic or PU. It is not possible to use football grass in tennis courts in order not to have a ball jumping problem.

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Integral is selling its different kinds of artificial grass to everwhere also to Dubai, UAE. Most of Our exported items are garden artificial grass, tennis artificial grass and soccer artificial grass.

Integral has a Professional staff for installation of artificial grass for any surface in UAE.

Preferred Tennis Artificial Turf Models

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Integral artificial grass products are very durable for hot weather conditions. Dubai is one of Our main market in Middle East and because of this reason we pay high attention to this market. Dubai artificial grass market is very alive because people can not use natural grass for sport facilities or for their gardens due to weather conditions. United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries are very important markets for us.

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