Basketball Courts

What is a Sport Court Cost?

What is a Sport Court Cost? Sport courts can be mad efor 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 playing groups. Courts can be made for basketball and multiuse. Sport court costs are varying from one place to another place. Sub base of the court must be very smooth and clean. It must be either concrete or asphalt. It can also be done on natural ground.

Indoor and Outdoor Sport Court Cost

Sport courts can be done to anwhere; at back yards, kids gardens, public gardens, universities or high schools, gym areas…etc. It can be done for indoor and outdoor uses.

Sport Court Flooring Types

The floor is affecting too much in sport court costs. The colours of the surface can be personalized and any logo can be printed on the surface. The sport court floor can be hardwood, acrylic, PU coated.. etc.  Please ask for flooring sport court cost: Contact

Other Items

You also need some other items when calculating sport court cost such as basketball hoops, lights, boundries, multi purpose nets . If the lights are LED lamps it is better for a better result.The surface must be shock absorber and having good performance of ball bounce. So there are a lot of facts which are affecting on sport court cost.